Horseback Riding and Ice Cream

Police warn of scams.

Take horseback riding at Sweet Meadow Farm.
Take horseback riding at Sweet Meadow Farm.
1. The Dover Police Department reminded residents on its Facebook page to be vigilant when dealing with potential scammers. They report a resident "received a call from someone purporting to be his nephew, asking for $2,000 for bail money. (In other instances, it has been for medical expenses, plane fare home if traveling, etc.) The Dover resident, instead of panicking and handing over the credit card#/cash/wire info, asked a few questions, questions that only the real relative might know. After some feeble attempts to respond, the caller hung up." Beware and warn your friends and neighbors, too.

2. Sherborn Police are asking residents to be on the lookout for a man involved in an incident earlier this month. According to police, "It was reported that this subject was approximately 40-50 years old and had a large belly/gut. Let it be noted that the subject depicted below was reported to have darker skin (medium complexion) which is difficult to decipher through a black/white composite. It was also reported that this party got into a bluish-green and silver two-tone Ford pick-up truck."

3. August is nearly half over, so it's time to start thinking about September! The Sherborn Inn is! It announced its September specials on its Facebook page this week!

4. You still have time to enjoy the longer hours at Sunshine Farm for the after-dinner treat! My favorite is the coffee toffee frozen yogurt; what's yours?

5. Speaking of fall, Sweet Meadow Farm is already registering for fall riding programs. Don't miss out!


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