Egg Hunt in Sherborn!

Another successful hunt for eggs!
Another successful hunt for eggs!

                  Egg Hunt in Sherborn

                                                        by Clare Whitaker


It’s that time again.  Spring!  So grab your baskets and head to the Pine Hill School Playground!  For the first time, the 4th grade Girl Scouts will host the annual egg hunt in Sherborn!  This is a very important opportunity for them.  Please bring $5 per child with a family cap of $15.  Another thing, parents should bring cameras -- you will not want to forget this moment!


The Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, April 12 at 9 a.m., rain or shine (but not a downpour!).  There will be one race, so do not be late! There will be separate sections for different age levels.  Also, for people with food allergies, this is a chocolate & nut free event!  Inside the eggs will be a mix of candy, little toys and stickers.  We hope you come because this will be a fun-filled event!


Proceeds from the Egg Hunt will be used to offset the costs of the Girls Scouts’ other activities throughout the year, such as their plantings to beautify the cemetery for Memorial Day and summer.


All questions about the event should be directed to sherborngstroops@yahoo.com.


Clare Whitaker is in the 4th grade at Pine Hill School and a member of Troop #72406.




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