Comic Book Shops See 'Amazing' Interest in Spider-Man's Fate

Marvel Comics' 'Amazing Spider-Man' series ended with issue 700—and a new spider in charge.

Jack Lefevra’s phone at Bedrock Comics in Framingham has rung a lot lately.

Marvel Comics’ “Amazing Spider-Man” series ended this morning when issue 700 hit Bedrock and other comics shops. A new series, “Superior Spider-Man,” starts in January.

“Amazing Spider-Man” ended —spoiler alert—with Peter Parker’s apparent death thanks to arch-enemy Dr. Octopus. Except, both Parker and Spider-Man remain alive and well. Dying, Doc Ock pulled a mind switch, putting him in the hero’s body—and with both sets of their memories.

“I’m getting a lot of calls on it,” Lefevra said.

Word of the ending prompted some unhappy readers to make death threats to writer Dan Slott, according to Comic Book Resources.

Lefevra said the storyline has gotten local fans’ attention.

“For the last three issues, where the storyline picked up,  there’s been big hype about it. So the last three months, all the Spider-Man titles have sold out,” he said.

That said, “everybody has known what’s going on for quite a while now,” Lefevra said.

Those fans’ typical reaction? “One of two things are going to happen: they’re going to bring him back in a year, and it’s going to be Peter Parker, and it was some alternate universe or continuity in the story. Or, this will somehow slowly slide into the abyss,” he said.


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