Pet of the Week: Duke

This week's pet of the week is a pooch named Duke.

Duke is an adorable 14 month old Labradoodle with many, many good qualities. He is sweet, knows some commands (Sit, Paw, Down) and is very quiet and well-behaved in his kennel. He is very eager to please and bonds with his caretakers right away. However, he is a very high energy dog, pulls on the leash, and seems to have never been told that jumping up on people is not acceptable. Duke needs an owner who is active and is interested in investing some time training him. He is smart, eager to learn and food motivated, so he will probably be the star of his obedience class. He did live with another dog and a 4 year old boy, and was very good with both of them. Like most young dogs, he will need a daily walk or run, or an active dog playmate to help him drain some of his energy and exuberance. He is approximately 50 lbs. and was purchased from a breeder as a puppy. Duke was neutered on April 2nd and is ready for a new home. Please e-mail info@medfieldshelter.com if you are interested in adopting Duke.


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