Pet of the Week: Joey

This week's pet of the week is a bunny named Joey.

Joey is a handsome Mini Rex rabbit that arrived at the Medfield Animal Shelter this week. Rex rabbits are known for their plush, very soft and velvety fur and their outgoing personalities that make them great pets. Although Rex rabbits typically have easy-to-care-for coats, poor Joey came to us terrible matted and filthy, likely from living in a dirty cage. Rabbits that are neutered are relatively easy to litter box train, and all rabbits placed from the Medfield Shelter are neutered prior to going to their new homes. Rabbits are active, gentle pets that are happiest and healthiest when they have a large clean cage, lots of play time out of their cage, and plenty of fresh hay and veggies daily. All of the Medfield Shelter's bunnies are indoor pets and would not do well outside in a hutch. If you are interested in adopting a rabbit from our shelter, please fill out our adoption application or call 508-359-8989.


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