Pet of the Week: Meet Tiger

This week's pet is a pup named Tiger.

We think Tiger is a Chihuahua/Basenji mix, but have no way to know for sure. He is a little guy, probably under 10 lbs. We was kept chained up in an unheated shed, but is in surprisingly good condition in spite of such poor treatment. He is a lively and sweet little guy and wants to interact with us, as you can see by the way he is looking at the camera, but needs to learn how to do that since he received little socialization in the past. We think he will benefit tremendously from spending some time in a foster home where he can learn that people are nice and living in a warm and cozy place where you are fed and loved is a very good thing. Tiger will be neutered on December 20th and will be in need of a foster home as soon as he has that surgery. If you are an experienced dog owner and have some time to devote to socializing Tiger, working with him on his housebreaking and getting him comfortable living in a home, please e-mail info@medfieldshelter.com.


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