VIDEO: Composting 101 with Hale's Jay Walsh

A Westwood resident and Environment Resource Manager at Hale Reservation, Jay Walsh has been composting for more than 20 years, and offers tips on how to master the craft.

If you're looking to become more environmentally-conscious in your home, you may want to look at the process of composting your biodegradable waste that you normally throw away in the trash. 

Dover and Sherborn have a number of residents and officials who look to spread the word of recycling and how it can benefit the town's residents. 

But while plastics, papers and other materials can be recycled each week, certain materials, such as table scraps and old perishable items, cannot. This is where composting comes in. The end result is a full supply of fertilizer and soil additive that you can use to plant vegetables or plants in and around your home. 

In this video tutorial, Westwood resident Jay Walsh, 's Environment Resource Manager, explains the process of composting, why it's important and how you can benefit.


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