Fool Me Twice …?

With the election 20 days away, the Republicans are surging. President Obama's once iconic image has crumbled. Americans want more than he has delivered.

The biggest story in America right now is the story that nobody is talking about.


Yet …


But, you heard it here first - the Democrats are self destructing – and not a moment too soon if our precious Country is to be preserved.


This should have been an easy election for President Obama.  After all, “Hope and Change” was such an emotional call for action in 2008 that he knocked off the powerful Clinton organization to surprisingly win the Democratic nomination, then easily defeated John McCain to become the 44th President.  History was made. In fact, so sweeping was his victory that the Democrats controlled Capital Hill, creating clear legislative sailing for the new Troika in town, Obama, Reid and Pelosi.  Pundits like James Carville crowed that the GOP would not recover for 40 years.


What a difference four years makes.  Hope was quickly replaced by arrogance, and change was dictated from behind closed doors.  Bi-partisanship?  Gone with the win.  Legislation was jammed down the throats of Republicans without input or compromise, let alone the approval of We the People - especially without the consent of the governed.  Billions were spent on “shovel-ready” jobs that weren’t shovel-ready.  The UAW was bailed out under the guise of an auto bail out.  Billions were spent on so-called green energy projects that produced much political windage, and billions in bankruptcies, but no energy.  The debt raged out of control.  Class warfare was declared on success.  President Bush was blamed for just about … everything.


How ungracious.  How, “What me worry?”


It was all just too much.


The people answered back in 2010 as Republicans rallied across the Country. Even Massachusetts, a political wasteland for too many taxpayers taxed a lifetime without representation, rebelled.  And now, amid all the polarization and conflicting rhetoric, what do we have to show for the past four years?  A Nation careening down the wrong track.  Growing numbers of people dependent on government, an even larger number who no longer trust their leaders, or the media, and the danger of a self-fulfilling pessimism about the future.  Is this what we deserve from government?  Is this the American way?


There have now been three debates.  What have we learned?


  • Gone is even the pretext of “Hope and Change”. Obama has been reduced to an uninspiring shadow of the hologram candidate of 2008 in front of the phony pillars. His lofty, though undefined goals of four years ago have been replaced by contempt and condescension.  But little hope.  He is just another Chicago pol.
  • Instead of defending their record, or promoting the long term value of what they have done for America, or (especially) setting forth their plan to improve the Nation in a second term, Obama and Biden choose instead to tear down their opponents, as if their values are somehow scary and fear inducing. 
  • However, while most Liberals appreciate red meat attacks, an increasing number of unenrolled voters are realizing that while it is more convenient for the Democrats to debase their opponents than defend their record or describe their vision, they expect more for their vote this time around than empty rhetoric. 
  • After watching Joe Biden’s outrageous and condescending debate performance, if bi-partisanship is an important goal, how many voters can even imagine the possibility of inter-party cooperation with the current Administration in charge?
  • If likeability is important, how many voters can consider Obama’s disinterested first debate performance as representative of an engaged, let alone inspiring leader? For that matter, what if this Obama now had been that Obama then?  There would have been a Clinton.
  • If trust is important, how many voters have been turned off by Obama’s inability – or refusal - to be truthful on the Libyan situation?  And, haven’t we all been through this cover-up situation before?  Don’t we expect more from our Presidents?
  • If an improving quality of life is important, how can voters be impressed by the Obama energy policy, and the new normal of $4+/gallon, higher electricity and heating fuel prices.  And, how does this translate in terms of higher food prices, and anything that must be moved to reach consumers?  And less disposable income?
  • What about jobs?  Is there anyone who doubts that more people will be added to the list of food stamp dependents than get jobs in an Obama second term?  Perhaps a better question is how many will be able to get off the list?
  • Or, how about the debt?  If America is paying $4B/day to borrow the funds to cover excessive spending, how much more will it cost when the debt rises to over $20B - at a likely higher interest rate - by 2016?  And, how will this cripple the Country, let alone diminish the futures for our children and grandchildren?


Four years ago few Republicans would have predicted the surging enthusiasm for their candidate against the once iconic Obama.  However, we have all seen that “Hope and Change” was a hoax, little more than a modern day Trojan Donkey.  We have witnessed the crumbling of Obama’s pedestal, like a sand castle at high tide, as he has squandered the goodwill and patience of the American people.  We see desperation, not forward thinking.  We hear more talk about saving Obama’s presidency, as if that takes precedence over saving our Country.  We see an America that we increasingly do not recognize, and do not like.


In a process totally corrupted by too many dollars and negative ads, the debates have provided the only real clarity of the campaign.  The candidates are finally who they are, not who their opponents try to depict them to be – and America is seeing them through the unfiltered lenses of their televisions in the privacy of their homes.  That Romney and Ryan are surging tells us something important.  There is a desperate need to get the Country refocused and redirected.  Obama cannot do it.  We know that now. 


The end result is clear.  What was supposed to be a rout is now in serious doubt.  All the anticipated denials and comments from the “usual suspects” cannot refute the old truism, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”  We cannot afford to be fooled again, and won't be.  We the People deserve better.  We need better.


 What do you want America to be?  There are 20 days to decide.

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FindBalance October 22, 2012 at 04:06 PM
For those of you who don't get the point (Ben), I re-post: I'm getting confused about the intent of using this song as anyone's campaign song, so let me just say this. There is a clear difference in this election. If we are going to be fooled by both sides anyway, I'd rather be fooled by the one Who (pun intended) favors the private sector as the solutions to our problems (Romney) than the one Who favors govt-provided/centric solutions (Obama). [...regardless of who The Who osupport]
HOLRES October 29, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Disingenuous claim about GM: Read this Forbes article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2012/08/29/automakers-report-card-who-still-owes-taxpayers-money-the-answer-might-surprise-you/
Jim Hatherley October 29, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Thank you Holres, but is this the best you've got in defense of a failed Presidency?
Stephen Faris October 29, 2012 at 06:30 PM
HOLRES, What is your point. GM is still owned by the US Taxpayer(around 50%). Also, the US Taxpayer is down 50% from breakeven. So this means the stock which trades at around $24 should be at $50 for the US Tax Payer to break even. Does not sound like a good investment to me. Also, I dont like a socialist like Barack and and his buddies making decsions like that. Steve Faris
Sassilady November 03, 2012 at 01:17 PM
You say he has kept us afloat.....oh yes......by borrowing and borrowing from China, so he could keep giving handouts to people who have no desire to at least attempt to stand on their own two feet. My ancestors would be ashamed of us today.


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