Observations From The RNC

The Republican National Convention is over. Here are some observations.

Cliff Piston, my political confidant, was over last night to have dinner, talk politics and watch Mitt Romney’s speech.  In a word, Cliff is intense.  He devours the political scene, forms definite opinions and delivers them faster than Chris Christie.  Just being with him for an hour is an aural workout, but an entire evening is like a political triathalon, as interesting as it can be exhausting.  Let me share a few of his observations:


  • After watching one Republican Governor after another explain how they had dug into their State budgets, confronted legacy Union issues, created jobs reduced unemployment, and even lowered taxes, Piston was convinced of three things:

1) Thanks to the Democrats, when it comes to governors, Massachusetts has been short-changed.

2) If nothing else, Governor Patrick has proven that while Massachusetts has survived without a Governor who is either present or effective, other States have thrived because they have a good one.

3) The lack of outrage toward Patrick is an excellent reflection of the failure of one-party government in Massachusetts.


  • Piston was very clear about Mitt Romney. While Mitt has the experience and philosophical energy that America needs to propel the Nation back to prosperity, Ann Romney is the field force that propels Mitt.  America needs them both right now. Romney is solid and selfless.  He is trained to fix broken organizations – and successful in doing it.  I don’t know of anyone who does not realize that America is broken.  He is the right man at the right time.


  • Speaking of Ann Romney, Piston is convinced that the only bigger buffoon among the TV media than Juan Williams is Chris Mathews.  Williams insultingly dismissed her as a “corporate wife.” Really? Does the same definition apply to Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Barbara Bush? However, Mathews is worse because he “hears” racial “code-speak” in every remark made by a Republican. Apparently being Republicans is synonymous with being racist. Amazing! Piston added that while Fox at least claims to be “fair and balanced.” MSNBC is overtly unfair and its hosts unbalanced.


  • Speaking of which, Piston was fascinated by the 250+ comments on my last blog.  He observed that many indignant Democrats were quick to talk about social programs, social justice, and fairness for illegal aliens, but not one mention about how to pay for them, or even concern about the danger of accelerating debt – kind of an Alfred E. Newman, “What me worry?” denial approach to the Nation’s economic state.  It’s as though liberals have no awareness, and even less concern, about the diminishing opportunities they would willingly leave to their children and grandchildren.


  • Piston was very vehement about the movie, 2016.  He opined that if the Media had done only 10% of the vetting that Dinesh D’Souza did putting his book together, all but the most liberal Democrats would have rejected Obama and supported Hillary Clinton, who today would almost certainly have a clear path to a second term.  But, that’s not the worst news for Democrats.


  • According to Piston, despite James Carville’s proclamation after the last election that the Republican Party was dead for at least 40 years, Obama is already out of time in four years, and ready for eviction.  And that’s not even all the good news for Republicans because, as we have seen this week, behind Romney is a bench of the best young political leaders in memory.  In other words, Democrats will pay a big price for a long time for the abuses of Obama, who unintentionally, but single-handedly, reinvigorated the GOP.


  • The Sage took no credit for observing that Condoleezza Rice is the single most elegant person on the political scene today.  Some things are just obvious.  He’s still scratching his head about Clint Eastwood, however.


  • As Cliff sees it, the Democrats are going to have to do a much better job convincing women the Republicans are waging war against them.  While Condi and Republican Governors Susana Martinez and Nikki Haley, and Ann Romney were talking about – and exemplifying – leadership, liberty, individual freedom, job creation, economic responsibility, personal commitment and family values, what will the Democrats be doing?  They’ll be dragging out Sandra Fluke to talk about free contraception, and offering up that real paragon of women’s rights, Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton? Piston believes that at least many women will be angered, even embarrassed, by this … or should be.


  • It was late, and time to wrap things up, so I wondered if the Republicans had done enough to convince America?  Cliff was not sure, which was very un-Piston-like. For Democrats, he said, it’s all about dividing Americans into groups and sub-groups, hence he predicted that next week the Democrats will try to scare America that Republicans would re-chain one group, deport another, toss another group over a cliff, maintain an unjust tax system, eliminate a woman’s right to choose, and even convince America that Mitt Romney is somehow a radical extremist.  Mitt Romney, “the Massachusetts moderate” will suddenly morph into a radical and extremist?  Miraculous! However, their objectives will be clear and compelling to committed liberals - the salvation for America is government – more and bigger. Piston’s real concern is that America may have reached the dependency/entitlement tipping point where for too many, free stuff is more important than freedom.


When I suggested that most Americans would see right through this façade, he crossed his fingers and disappeared into the night.


What do you think?

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Jim Hatherley September 05, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Thanks, Paul, but I did not say anything about Christianity. What I said was that the framers, who were religious (recall the Pillgrims etc) believed that a person's rights came from Nature and from God, not government. This was (and remains) a major deviation from historical governance by Monarchs, Rulers, Dictators etc. That's what I said. And, the framers also protected a right to religious beliefs, but it is settled law that there is a separation of church and state.. In other words, I agree with you. And who is running around saying "God said so"? That is far more likely a function of Sharia law than government in the United States. Still, the elimination of God from the Democrat platform - as it pertains to the founding principles of America - is puzzling. What is the point of doing that?
Jim Hatherley September 05, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Max, thanks for being the first on this piece and I agree that I wish we could edit posts to correct spelling errors etc. I make my share. As to Romney I am past being tired of comments that want to talk about changing views. The only people who do not evolve are people who are very stubborn, or still Democrats because JFK was one. Romney's views have been very consistent for years. Attacks on him by other Republicans were made in campaigns and out of envy for his financial success etc. Truth is that he is a Republican in MA, which is to say he had to push a hugh rock up a high hill. How about a little credit for that instead of the usual negative bromides (using your word)? If this were not 2012 with the polarized positions we have today, Romney would be acknowledged for all the positives that he is - solid, smart, selfless,successful etc. Instead, since he is a Republican, he must be demonized as a radical extremist. Amazing, really. But let me ask the women who are reading this blog - whose attributes do you more admire - Mitt Romney or Bill Clinton? The Republican nominating process was long and grueling. The voters ultimately eliminated all but the one candidate they thought could defeat Obama. Yes, over the course of time and all the debates everyone would like to have an occasional do-over, but c'mon and give Romney more credit than you do for living an exemplary life. I know that you can do better than that.
Jim Hatherley September 05, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Paul, thanks, but I have to say that I could not decipher the beginning of your comment. And, I do not quite believe the end part, that you are a Republican - pretty hard to grasp from your prior responses. I really do not know what you are talking about regarding my last blog. It has drawn over 300 comments ... think about that in terms of beginning and sustaining a dialogue. I'd say that this was a very successful piece. I honestly could not understand why there are still so many Democrats, especially those who claim to be Democrats for their lifetime, and particularly since the Democrat Party has morphed so greatly from the inaugural of JFK 52 years ago. I have a better idea now, but am still amazed how Democrats have virtually no concern about the expanding debt, and how that is going to limit the opportunities of their children and grandchildren. We need better balance there. And finally, you are probably unknowingly insulting when you ask e what I am. I have produced 20 pieces in the last six months, and have responded to comments made on every one. Perhaps you just don't know many Republicans.
Mike Long September 05, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Paul, You are undoubtedly a seminar poster with your claim to be Republican and the accusation that the Democrats bad behavior is the Republican's fault. Thank you for playing, please try again.
Concerned Citizen September 06, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Jim, Cliff Piston was right on when he said that the Democrats would try to scare Americans into voting for President Obama. President Clinton's speech last night was great and "vintage Clinton," but I did not believe a word of it. Every time he raised his index finger and said, "listen to me," I had flashbacks to his famous line caught on TV where he lied about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinski. I agree with Charles Krauthammer's assessment that Clinton was like "Casey at the Bat" and will strike out in the end. I also agree with Krauthammer that Paul Ryan will tear apart Clinton's "so-called" facts on Medicare and the budget. I can't wait for the debates to begin.


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