Dr. Joe Levine Speaks to DS about the Galapagos Islands on 12/12 at 7pm. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Dr. Joseph Levine, the author of the best selling biology textbook is coming to Dover-Sherborn High School on December 12th at 7:00 pm to speak with all interested students and community members about the history and uniqueness of the Galapagos Islands.   Details about his talk are outlined below: 

Got finches? Unique species and humans meet in the Galápagos: what's your role?

 Just what and where are the Galápagos islands? How has geography made them biologically unique (those finches, for example)? And why should we care? Answers combine data from satellites and molecular biology gathered as recently as yesterday with Darwin’s notes from 180 years ago. In fact, Darwin framed the context of our trip when he described the Galápagos as “… a little world within itself.” Human interactions with the “little world” of those islands provide a case study in miniature of our species' role in shaping Earth -- our island in space.

Time and Date:  Thursday, December 12th 7:00 pm at Lindquist Commons at DSHS.  



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