Poll: Should Hiring Companies Ask for Facebook Information?

Some employers are asking prospective employees for Facebook log-in information ... should they be?

With thousands of college students graduating this spring, employers will be receiving a plethora of resumes from potential employees ... but will they be receiving Facebook log-in information as well?


Imagine interviewing for a job and having that employer ask for your Facebook log-in information in order to get a better look at your personal life. 

That's exactly what some hiring companies are doing across the country, according to a Boston.com report in March.

The legality of the move is being called into question, and is actually being brought to the forefront in such states as Illinois and Maryland, where proposed legislation would forbid public companies from asking for such information, according to Boston.com.

So D-S, we want to know ...

Do hiring companies have the right to ask job seekers for their personal information? Weigh in on today's poll and add your thoughts in the comments section below.


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