Surviving the Post-Christmas Blues

Here are some ways to avoid the post-Christmas blues when Dec. 26 rolls around.


When Christmas time is over and presents are put away, it may seem like the only thing that lies ahead is a cold, dark winter. Some experts suggest that at least 25 percent of people across the country experience the post-Christmas blues –a result of the hustle and bustle of the season coming to a screeching halt on December 26. In fact, there is even a Facebook page inviting others to like the page “that depressed feeling you get when you realize Christmas is over.” How can families hang onto a bit of the Christmas magic and skip the let-down?

Here are top 5 ways:

1. Pack up the season in a nice little bow. Buy a scrapbook and create an album for Christmas memories. Families can include the photo card greetings, Santa wish lists and pictures from family gatherings. Be sure to leave space for each family member to record their favorite part of the season and any predictions they have for next year. Will Grandma get them another hat and mitten set next year?

2. Make a plan for some fun. What can the family look forward to? Are relatives coming to visit this spring? Is there a family vacation planned? Start a countdown. Families could also brainstorm a list of their favorite snow time activities such as sledding or ice-skating and pick some dates to go and do it.

3. Keep on giving. Hang onto the Christmas spirit by continuing to give. Perhaps the family could bake cookies for the local fire department who are surely going to be busy this winter. Older children can make sure to offer a helping hand if a neighbor needs their walkway shoveled during the next snowstorm. Depending on a child’s age, it would also be a great gesture to have them write thank you notes to those who gave to them over the holidays.

4. Get out and move. Exercise is a great way to beat the post-Christmas blues. Its benefits help both on the physical and mental side of a person’s well-being. Take a nature walk at a local trail or the neighborhood with the family. Turn it into a scavenger hunt by making a list of things to find such as a pinecones, animal tracks and local landmarks. 

5. Start a new tradition that makes Christmas hang around a little longer. Yes, the Christmas tree has to come down but instead of throwing in the woods or leaving it curbside, why not put it out on the back deck? That way, it can be enjoyed throughout the winter. String some popcorn and cranberries and make it a winter solace for some feathered friends.

Wishing you a joyous 2012.


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