Touching Down in Dover-Sherborn

A new editor arrives to a new town hoping to maintain the quality that his predecessor brought to the site.

Whenever you start a new job, there is a period of adjustment as you need to learn everything you are responsible for, not to mention all the small things you should pick up along the way that will help you do your job better.

In journalism, we also need to learn about the communities we cover. We need to learn about you, our readers, and what you're passionate about. You see, no two towns are exactly alike, so there's a big learning curve when it comes to catching up on all the local issues facing the community.

As someone who grew up on the North Shore, I haven't been experiencing the town of Westwood for a long time. So as I sat with my predecessor, Ben Paulin, in the Dover Cafe one day last week and listened to him talk about the towns of Dover and Sherborn, I realized something: yes, it will take a little bit of time for me to learn about these towns, but I could see that they're both towns that full of people who love their communities, and as the new Local Editor of Dover-Sherborn Patch, what more could I want?

Whether there are more great events at either the Sherborn Community Center or Dover Public Library, or the Raiders get back to their winning ways once again this fall, we'll do our best to be there to provide coverage of them.

In addition, you can be a part of Patch too. Planning an event or have an announcement to make? All you have to do is sign up. It's easy and FREE.

Lastly, I want to thank you ahead of time for bearing with me as I get adjusted to both, this job and covering Westwood. If it takes me a little bit longer to respond to an email you've sent me, I assure you it's nothing personal and I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can. In the mean time, if there's anything you want to tell me, please don't hesitate to email me at robert.rosen@patch.com.

Thanks so much,



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