Dover PD Say No Need to Worry About Recent Vandalism at Scout Cabin

A recent act of vandalism at the Scout cabin in Dover had some parents worried, but Dover Police say they shouldn't be overly concerned.

A recent act of vandalism at the Scout cabin in Dover that left the windows broken and beer cans littered throughout left a few parents concerned.

Afterall, the Scout cabin is a place where the boys go and sometimes sleep over. But Dover Police say it's nothing to worry about.

Officer Jon Cash explained that something like this happens every 5-10 years or so, and that it's usually just a group of teenagers who are going there to drink underage. He said it used to happen more often, but it doesn't seem to happen much anymore.

Cash said the police believe this to be an isolated incident, so there is no reason for Scout parents to worry. He also mentioned that they're notified whenever there will Scouts sleeping over in the cabin, so they're always aware when the kids will be out there overnight. As always, he said if anyone ever hears or sees anything that looks suspicious, don't hesitate to call them.

weed 420 blaze September 21, 2012 at 05:41 PM
dude jon cash and tedstone got this one


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