Dover Police Searching For Man Who Allegedly Fled Car Accident Into Woods

Two people were injured when one vehicle "t-boned" another on Route 109 in Dover Sunday night.

Dover Police are currently searching for a man who allegedly fled the scene of an accident that took place on County Street in Dover, Sunday night.

According to police, a man fled into the woods after crashing his vehicle into a stopped vehicle on Route 109 which took place at 9:13 p.m., Sunday night.

Two people were injured in the crash.

One man, a Dover resident who was in the stopped vehicle, was taken to Norwood Hospital with injuries sustained from the crash.

A female passenger in the vehicle that struck the other was taken to a Boston hospital for injuries as well.

According to Dover Police Officer Jon Cash, the man who fled allegedly "t-boned" the stopped vehicle and then took off into the woods.

“We started a search initially on foot and then we called in a K-9. So we had a dog come in from Ashland to help us search,” Cash said.

They also utilized a thermal imaging camera to try and find the man.

Walpole, Medfield and Westwood Police assisted in the search as well.

“We were all looking for the driver and had no luck. The best we have is just a male driver,” said Cash.

The female passenger, Cheryl Whippen, 29, of Walpole, told police she did not know the man who she was riding with who fled.

“The passenger is saying she didn’t know who he was, which we don’t believe,” Cash said. "The female passenger who was transported to Boston, as far as we know, she’s still in the hospital. So when we get a chance we’re going to go interview her and see if we can get information other than a vague first name and unknown anything else.”

The vehicle operated by the man who fled is registered to someone out of Walpole, according to Cash.

Officers are currently trying to follow up on leads and the man is still being searched for.

Cash said they will be talking to EMT's who were on-scene last night to try and get more information.

“We’re also hoping to talk to the other witnesses involved," Cash said.

“Once we find out who it is we’ll be charging him with probably leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident, marked lanes, and what ever else we can come up with depending on the driver’s statement,” said Cash.


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