Woman Rescued From Waters Below Purgatory Chasm

The incident was reported by the Middletown Fire Department

The Middletown Fire Department rescued a 22 year-old woman from the waters below Purgatory Chasm Saturday morning after she descended the rocks but was unable to get back up.  She was climbing with a male from Newport who was able to return to the top and call for help, said officials.   While  waiting for rescue, she was able to get out of the water and stand on the small beach below the rocks.

Two firefighters towed a kayak behind the jet ski, in order to reach that area of the water.

One firefighter swam the kayak into chasm to rescue the trapped woman.

They were able to get the woman onto the kayak and bring her onshore.  She transported to the Newport Hospital for mild hypothermia. 

The department conducted a similar rescue last April, after a man and a woman were stuck in the water and on the rocks.  Middletown Fire Chief Ronald Doire said this is a reminder that people should not be climbing at Purgatory Chasm.

 "They go down but they can't get back up," he said "People shouldn't go beyond their abilities."


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John Romano January 24, 2013 at 04:16 AM
That’s correct; I did not say I hate public servants. Why do you hate the taxpayer? Just because I want municipalities to reel in costs i.e. lower taxes, does not mean I hate municipal employees. Firemen and Police are very noble people and I respect the work they do. However, I don't know that we need to buy $10 million dollar police stations or “hi-priced” Jet-Ski’s. Did anyone even consider joining up with Newport Police and use their Police station and perhaps make “One” Police Department? Of course not. That would mean one less Chief, several less Captains and a bunch of Lieutenants and Patrolmen. God forbid anyone tries to be a good steward of taxpayers’ money.
Tom January 24, 2013 at 04:46 AM
Now I'm confused. I thought you were Todd Diamond. Can I use a lifeline?
B January 24, 2013 at 02:14 PM
John, Todd, whomever you are, I, in fact, do NOT hate the taxpayer. I'm not on this board justifying a drunk woman striking a firefighter. I'm not chastising the rescuers for continuing to save people after they do not so intelligent things. I would love lower taxes, but not at the risk of my family, safety, or property. "Use Newport's Police station"?? Newport is bursting at the seams in their own building. So now you want to put more patrol wo/men in there? Yea, you'd get one less Chief, but you wouldn't get any less officers. Their is a span of control that needs to be continues thru the ranks. "hi-priced" Jet-ski's"?? How much is your life worth? Maybe you never need them, hell, maybe you NEVER use the fire department in general. Maybe you never call a Police officer for assistance. Bless you, you would be very fortunate. However, many people use these services, and use them frequently, unfortunately. They are less fortunate people. This is Middletown. Shawn Brown has done a ton to hold the line with the Police Officers and Firefighters in this town. Have you not read the paper? The concessions they continue to take, the budget is tightening every year. These things are necessities, not luxuries. If you disagree, speak to Chief Doire at MFD or Chief Pesare at MPD. I'm sure both of them would be glad to discuss the importance of their budget purchases to you.
Tom January 24, 2013 at 04:48 PM
Now I'm really confused. Where did John, Todd justify a drunk woman striking a firefighter? Ok, I need to use another lifeline. Anywho, I think what John, Todd is trying to say is there are more efficient ways to provide municipal services without forcing taxpayers into bankruptcy. It's pretty well known throughout the country that municipal payrolls and entitlements are crippling States, Cities and Towns. Cutting the fat and doing things more efficient is a not a bad idea. I don’t know that anyone can argue with that.
Olga Enger January 24, 2013 at 05:01 PM
Tom, I think he is referring to this http://middletown.patch.com/articles/mpd-woman-allegedly-kicks-firefighter-in-stomach-fraudulent-checks


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