Associate Members Appointed to Board of Water and Sewer

Christian Carpenter and Bill Havey have been appointed as associate members to the Board of Water and Sewer.

Residents Christian Carpenter and Bill Havey have been appointed to the Board of Water and Sewer.

Based on the recommendation of the Board of Water and Sewer, the Board of Selectmen appointed the men on Tuesday night after commenting on the impressive qualifications of the candidates.

Carpenter has lived in Medfield for five years.  He is managing director at SAIC which provides energy, environmental and infrastructure serves for all types of power generation and infrastructure projects.

Carpenter holds a Masters of Science in Finance, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering.

Havey has lived in Medfield for three years.  He has worked for Ionics Inc. and General Electric’s Industrial Water Group.  He has experience with various water treatment methods.

Havey holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. 

As associate members, Carpenter and Havey will participate in meetings but will have no voting power.  

The Board of Water and Sewer includes Chairman Jeremy Marsette, Gary A. Lehmann, Willis Peligian, and associate member Ted Wolfstich.

About the Board  

The present Board consists of three Commissioners appointed by the Board of Selectmen.  The commissioners serve for a period of three years and may be re-appointed but do not have to be by the Selectmen at their prerogative... Members have extensive engineering, engineering management and accounting experience. In addition, the Selectmen may appoint additional associated members of the Board who lack voting power but are routinely heard by the formal Board members. Board members as well as associated members must have engineering background and\or technical project manager experience. Familiarity with financial management is also desirable since the Board is also involved with the Enterprise Fund, an entity independent of the town fiscal structure. The Enterprise Fund collects all sewer and water related bills and fees.


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