Caryl Park And Recreation Complex Fundraising Planning Underway

Parks and Recreation are looking for volunteers in publicity, marketing, and fundraising.

Members of the Dover Parks and Recreation Commission and the Caryl Park and Recreation Complex Committee met early Thursday morning to begin planning the fundraising for the new Caryl Park sports complex.

The project would add two new turf fields, a softball field, a one-mile walking/jogging path, and picnic tables and benches to Caryl Park and update the Park's existing fields.

Their priority this summer is to get the word out that the project is still going forward.

Members of Parks and Recreation said after they took the article off this past Town Meeting’s warrant, people were under the assumption that the project isn't going to happen. 

The article was taken off of the warrant because Parks and Recreation decided they could go forward with the $3.5 million project through private funding.

Co-director of the Caryl Park and Recreation Complex Committee Dave Laidman said people are still asking him, “Is this a go? Is this happening?”

Jay Morton, also a co-director, said, “It’s so important to get the word out there.” Laidman agreed saying, “We should be answering as many questions as possible.”

At the meeting they also debuted a new four-page 8x11 color flyer, which went home recently with Chickering Elementary School students that explains the needs, scope and cost of the project.

They are planning to distribute it as widely as possible and encourage people to go to doverrec.com/carylpark for more information on the project.

They are looking for people to act as representatives at school sporting events, community, elementary school, day care, and parent focus group events, to inform the public of what they’re doing and the timeline in which they want to proceed.

Laidman said they have been struggling to get volunteers because some people are uncomfortable with the idea of asking for money.

He said other than fundraisers they will be looking for people with talents for event planning, technology experience, and marketing, but they are still working on how and when they will begin putting those people into workgroups.

George Doherty, also a co-director of CPARC, said, “Not only do we need fundraising, we need your time.”

Parks and Recreation Commissioner Chris Boland noted that with so many people vacationing during the summer they’ll have to start the bulk of the fundraising in the fall.

They are planning a meeting on June 21 to educate volunteers.

Old Scratch June 22, 2011 at 01:17 PM
The continuing missing parts of every Park & Recreation Commission presentation are: 1. What if the privately-raised funds fail to cover all the capital costs for construction? 2. What if the promised team annual payments fail to cover the annual maintenance costs? 3. What hold-harmless agreements will be in place to ensure that the Town has no liability for either actions arising from heat injuries or injuries from falls on the artificial turf? 4. What reserve fund provisions will be in place so that replacement costs are covered and not by the Town? 5. If 50% or thereabouts of the players utilizing the proposed fields are from Sherborn, and given that Sherborn has repeatedly refused to fund improvements in their own playing fields, Laurel Park specifically, then why is there no fee or reimbursement from Sherborn against any and all costs that might be laid out by the Town or the P&R budget? Just curious!


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