GOAL Holsters Criticism for DeLeo Gun Bill

Compromise reached between House Democrats and 2nd Amendment advocates.

Gun ownership rights activists rally at the Statehouse on June 18, 2014. Courtesy
Gun ownership rights activists rally at the Statehouse on June 18, 2014. Courtesy

The state’s largest gun rights organization has put the safety on its criticism of a new gun control bill proposed by House Speaker Robert DeLeo, D-Winthrop.

The Gun Owners' Action League of Massachusetts stated in a press released that it was declaring itself officially “neutral” on the new version of the bill while at the same time, praising the “vastly different piece of legislation” that was originally proposed.  

"We have been very successful in changing the gun language in this bill," said Jim Wallace, the executive director of GOAL. "GOAL has told the Legislature that we are neutral on the bill. We believe this is a victory for the 2nd Amendment in Massachusetts."

The organization believed the previous bill focused too much on “gun licensing provisions that prevented those with misdemeanors from obtaining licenses and providing police chiefs with unfettered discretion to issue or deny licenses.” These concerns were address to GOAL's satisfaction in the new version, the org noted, crediting outreach by its more than 17,000 members in influencing changes to the bill that would not take away an individual’s right to choose to access a firearm.

The organization also offered other “crime fighting measures” which it says was the point of DeLeo’s bill in the first place, including the creation of a criminal firearms division for the Massachusetts State Police and new interstate gun trafficking measures to stop the "iron pipeline" that the org believed was “proliferating gun violence in the Commonwealth.”

DeLeo said in a statement, posted by State House News Service this morning, that the discussions between all involved created an acceptable bill.

"Since we unveiled the gun safety bill, I have been in discussions with gun safety advocates, experts, gun owners and House members,” DeLeo said. “Our work has resulted in a bill that is fair and comprehensive. I believe that the bill the House will debate tomorrow represents one of the most effective gun laws in the country, an important public safety measure that can serve as a model to other states."

Rob C July 14, 2014 at 08:22 PM
Tyler, Considering we have some of the strictest laws in the country already and DA's that are too lazy to prosecute offenders of our existing laws, whats the point of adding more laws to be ignored to make life harder for the law abiding citizens to execute their constitutional rights? Look at the stats I posted earlier, most murders with guns are gang related, those will never go away no matter what law you put in place, don't believe that then answer my last question, how many of the 90 shooters in Boston this year were legit gun owners? Are you also in agreement then that in order for everyone else to exercise their constitutional rights to vote that they must produce an ID to prove who they say they are to do so? Broken down to the state level there are much more cases of voter fraud then there are non gang/suicide gun deaths so we need to make sure to inconvenience everybody else to solve that problem as well right?
Tyler Jozefowicz July 19, 2014 at 12:01 PM
Hey Rob: ANSWER THE QUESTION I asked , not a rehash of your gun philosophy and select statistics: " What exactly in the MA legislative gun bill do you dislike ? " ( and why). You probably dislike the local police chief discretion but I believe that has been worked out.
Rob C July 19, 2014 at 04:08 PM
I did answer it Tyler, with the strictest gun laws in the country and practically zero enforcement of our existing laws, whats the point of new laws to be ignored? That is my answer. Will this new law have stopped any of the shootings in Boston this year? answer to that is a big NO. As a libertarian I believe we need less laws not more laws. Why don't you answer a very simple question? Of all the shootings in Boston this year, how many of those shooters actually obeyed our existing laws and: went to a gun safety class, then went to the local police chief and got his card to carry a gun, then went to a licensed gun shop, got a further FBI background check and then waited the 15 days before he got it? I think that none of them did, if you know different then please show proof. Criminals are not going to obey any laws we put on the books. I have said it before, the ONLY law we need for guns is a very simple federal one, have a national gun license. Only thing you need to get one is pass the existing FBI background check you have to pass to be able to buy a gun (this idiotic law that it is up to a single person in your town to decide if you can practice in your constitutional rights needs to go). Walk into any police station, fill out the form, pay the fee, pass the background check and walk out with a license. Anyone without a license and a gun will have strictly enforced mandatory jail time. Eliminates the need for a check every time you buy a gun and closes the gun show loophole as you will need a license to own a gun. Streamlines the whole process and saves money in the process.
Tyler Jozefowicz July 20, 2014 at 09:19 PM
Rob C: you didn't answer the question, you just posed another question to duck my question and went into your usual routine freedom and guns dance. All of a sudden you have a lack of aptitude and comprehension. I didn't ask what you , "as a libertarian believe.." I asked " EXACTLTY WHAT in the gun bill now before the State legislature do you dislike and why. Very simple and straight forward. When it comes to the difficult questions , the ones that challenge your innate conservative anti- governmemnt strain , your brainwash prevents you from answering.
Rob C July 20, 2014 at 10:19 PM
I don't think I could have been any clearer in my answer Tyler. We have too many laws already in this state regarding guns that are not enforced and this is just more regulations making it harder for law abiding citizens to enjoy their constitutional rights to have a gun while doing nothing more to penalize the criminals that use illegal guns. Illegal guns and the criminals that have them are the problem, not the citizens who follow all the laws already on the books. Not sure why that is such a hard thing for you to understand. Maybe this will be easier for you to understand. "I AM AGAINST THE ENTIRE BILL, I DISLIKE THE WHOLE THING". Is that statement clear enough for you to comprehend? Now I answered yours, now you answer the question I asked. How many of the 90+ shooters in Boston this year actually followed of our existing gun laws? Now either answer that or just go away.


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