Peterson: Town Hall Responds to Beaver Dam Issues

Town officials respond to complaints from residents of standing water that is a public safety risk.


On Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen heard from several residents of who complained of standing water in the Stop River that is being caused by beaver.  

Residents said the standing water was a public safety concern for children in the area who might fall into it, the increased chance of mosquitos and EEE, the foul odor, and the potential to damage house foundations and septic systems. 

Town officials said they would do all they could to help the residents who have had no luck trying to find the right agency or department to address the problem. 

In his personal blog, "Medfield 02052," Selectman Osler Peterson's addressed the beaver issue on Friday. 

Here is that post.

Editor's note: The following commentary is the opinion of selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson, which was published on his blog, "Medfield 02052" on August 10, 2012.

Update on Beaver Dam 

By Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

The status of the beaver dam removal is as follows:Mike Sullivan just sent the following email that updates the beaver issue status -

==================Update on beaver dam

1. Norfolk County Mosquito Control has agreed to assist with the breeching of the dam. They will notch it over several days to lower it gradually.
If it were removed all at once it could a create hazard  to downstream structures given all the water that is impounded.

2, The Board of Health Agent, William Domey has signed of on a preliminary permit to breech the dam. He would not, however, approve trapping of the beavers, so that has to be  put on hold for the present.

3.  If have spoken to the Conservation Commission Agent and left her a copy of the Board of Health permit. The Conservation Commission has to sign  off on the breeching of the dam. She will take care of that on Tuesday, when she returns to work.

4  When the Conservation Commission has signed off I have to attach a copy of that sign off to the Board of Health preliminary permit and return it to the Board of Heatlh Agent for issuance of the final permit.

5.  Norfolk County Mosquito will be available to start breeching the dam as soon as the Board of Health final permit is issued. The Medfield DPW will be available to assist, as necessary.

6. I have notified the licensed emergency beaver trapper that we will not be able to utilize his services at the present time. As of November,1, the start of the normal beaver trapping season, he will be available to trap beavers, without approval of the Board of Health. If the problem persists, in the meantime, we'll just have to start the process all over again. 

To read the full blog, click here

Heidi Perryman August 14, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Of course ever time you 'notch' that beaver dam the beavers will rebuild. You'll be using taxpayer dollars to cover manpower (and a trapper) for very temporary gain. Beaver Solutions of Southampton is 90 miles away and could install a flow device at the dam that will safely lower dam height, control flooding, and allow those beavers to stay and use their territorial behaviors to keep others away. Or you could get the DVD and learn how to install it yourself. Any city smarter than a beaver can manage a beaver, and trapping a very short-term solution.


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