Q&A with Sherborn's New Selectman Peter Caruso

Caruso said he is hoping to 're-earn the trust and respect in the Board of Selectmen by the residents and other stakeholders.'

Peter Caruso won an uncontested bid for Sherborn's open seat on the Board of Selectmen in the town's election Tuesday.

Former Selectmen George Pucci that he would not be seeking re-election on the board.

Caruso won the Town Caucus by a vote of, 94-41, over then-candidate Ed McGuire. McGuire dropped out of the race before the election.

Caruso received 494 votes in this year's election.

After the election D-S Patch spoke with Caruso via email regarding his new position as selectmen.

D-S Patch: How does it feel to be elected selectmen in Sherborn?

Caruso: "I am honored to be given the confidence of so many good folks in Town to be their next Selectman. And I am very much looking forward to being part of the crew that helps sail the ship of Sherborn into its long future."

"It feels great to be chosen. I am amazed by all the support and encouragement from people I know and those I don’t know. I hope I can live up to the level of service they deserve. The motivations to do this, besides using some of the things I have learned during my recent time on Advisory before they go stale, is the opportunity to give back to this community I have lived in with my family over 25 years, and to set a good example for my children about the value of community and the rewards of serving it. I know I have lots of friends in this town and look forward to making many more."

D-S Patch: As a selectmen in town what do you feel you will bring to the board?

Caruso: "With my experience professionally, as well as, my past involvement in the Town I hope I can add value to the efforts of so many volunteers and fine employees who all work hard doing what they think is best for the place we love called Sherborn. I am particularly excited to work with Paul [DeRensis], who brings enormous experience and expertise to the table, and Tom [Twining], who brings exuberance and enthusiasm with a keen instinct to problem solving. In keeping with my sailing metaphor, one of the best things I can say about both of my fellow selectmen is: I wouldn’t hesitate to go to sea with them where there will no doubt be shoals, squalls, doldrums, and beautiful sunny days ahead. We may disagree on when we should tack, or how we should trim the sails. But together we will always be sailing the ship of Sherborn toward the same horizon – a great future."

D-S Patch: What would you say Sherborn's three biggest issues are in town? How do you propose to address those issues?

Caruso: "As far as priorities, I will qualify my response by saying that I remain and will likely always be on a learning curve about the challenges facing Sherborn. That said, coming off of the starting line I would say that the following are critically important to strengthen and build the Town’s long term success and value (including, by the way, strengthening house values of its residents): 

1. Re-earn the trust and respect in the Board of Selectmen by the residents and other stakeholders. Many of the bucks stop (and, yes, are spent...) with the BOS. Our residents need to feel comfortable we are doing our best to act in their best interests. That will require ongoing effort, succeeding in large part by how we use our “sailing” skills together.  

2. Apply a variety of business management practices, to the extent possible in a municipal endeavor, such as periodic financial management reporting, updates of and with the various important appointed committees who quietly and diligently (with little or no appreciation and recognition) do so much for the town, and figure out some best practices to better serve our customers (the residents). This will entail implementing a variety of basic strategies and tactics.

3. Critical to all of the above is the right hire of a Town Administrator, as well as establishing clarity as to the town’s structure and how it operates. This will no doubt entail implementing many of the recommendations of the Collins Report and the Department of Revenue report. We have to get the fundamentals right for all involved."

"We have good people who work for this town. Plus good people who volunteer in this town. And of course many other good people who live in this town. If we put all that good together I am betting we will see excellence," Caruso said.

John Higley May 09, 2012 at 12:56 PM
As Mr. Pollock said at Town Caucus referring to Peter and Ed McGuire, "..... we’re fortunate to have two candidates, really two fine gentlemen running for Selectmen this year." We can tell Peter is sincere, a sailor and brings valuable skills to the Board of Selectmen.


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