[UPDATED] Trick-Or-Treating Discouraged In Sherborn

Dover and Sherborn authorities urge caution on the streets this evening.

Sherborn Police Chief Rick Thompson is discouraging any trick-or-treaters from heading out after school.

Considering the effects of this past weekend’s early season nor’easter, Thompson said, “It would be irresponsible to say it would be safe to go trick-or-treating this evening.”

He said there are still tree limbs and power lines down in the streets. “NSTAR is trying to get it done as quickly as possible,” Thompson noted.

Thompson added that currently the Sherborn police internet has been down and they have no way to provide mass e-mails to warn the residents.  To get the word out Sherborn police may be making phone calls and knocking on doors this afternoon to get the word out.

In Dover, Officer Jon Cash said, “There is still quite a bit of tree and wire damage with the storm”.  He said the Police Chief Peter McGowan went out to assess the streets and is currently meeting with Dover Highway Superintendent Craig Hughes to determine the safety level.  

Cash added that they do not yet know whether they will postpone the trick-or-treating or just highly discourage residents from heading out this evening.

Afternoon Update: 

Although Sherborn Police Chief Rick Thompson disagrees, the Sherborn Selectmen's office issued a statement to allow trick-or-treating in the town this evening. They do encourage all children to be accompanied by an adult and they are aware of downed power lines and tree limbs dangling above the road.

Dover Police Chief Peter McGowan issued a statement regarding tonight's activities, he wrote, "with a strong reminder to parents that care and caution should be used when taking your children around tonight...Children should walk carefully, wear light colored clothing, and carry a flashlight. We also encourage adult supervision. Please avoid any houses or neighborhoods that do not have their front light on, and be aware of any obstacles in the roadway". 

George X. Pucci October 31, 2011 at 08:29 PM
The article notes "Although Sherborn Police Chief Rick Thompson disagrees, the Sherborn BOS have voted to allow trick or treating in town this evening." The Selectmen did not request my vote on this. If they did, I would have respectfully disagreed and would have urged them to alternatively issue a press release discouraging trick or treating this evening, and that parents informally contact one another to move it to another night, mainly because I am aware that one of the most popular neighborhoods for trick or treating is without power. Having said that, I of course wish everyone a happy and safe evening, and hope the homes without power (including mine) are not too greatly inconvenienced with trick or treating proceeding as scheduled this evening. Thanks, George Pucci
Ruby Krouwer October 31, 2011 at 09:50 PM
George, I've been meaning to tell you that I'm glad we have your "down to earthness" on the BOS. Thanks, Ruby Krouwer


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