Walpole Fall Town Meeting 2012 Results

In attendance were Congressman Stephen Lynch, State Senator James Timilty and Representative John Rogers, all of whom spoke at the event.

Walpole's Fall Annual Town Meeting was held Monday night in the auditorium at the high school.

There were 17 articles on the warrant and all 17 were voted on Monday night.

All article motions passed with the exception of Articles 14, 15 and 16, which were postponed indefinitely.

Article 6 and Article 13 were voted to have no action taken, as recommended by the Finance Committee.

Article 2, which was to appropriate $225,000 from the Water Enterprise Fund retained earnings to use towards the construction of a new water storage tank on Old Post Road, was amended after a substitution motion to lower the dollar amount to $185,000. The amended article passed.

The reason for the change was because the Water and Sewer Commission thought $225,000 was too high to appropriate for the project.

Article 3, which passed, was to earmark $456,000 towards the debt budget to help fray the cost from the recent override. The purpose of the article was to keep money out of the operating budget by setting $430,000 aside for the town to possibly put towards building a senior center, or to invest in the town's facilities and infrastructure, and to put the remaining $26,000 towards the schools to help fund special education transportation costs.

Article 17, was passed to let the Walpole Zoning Bylaw be amended to allow for solar arrays to be installed on three parcels of land which include the Goldie's property of Route 1A and on Industrial Road.

In attendance were Congressman Stephen Lynch, State Senator James Timilty and Representative John Rogers.

124 citizens attended Town Meeting which was moderated by Jon Rockwood.

Here are the Fall Annual Town Meeting results from Monday night:

Article Result Article 1
Motion Passed

Article 2


Motion Passed (amended) Article 3
Motion Passed Article 4
Motion Passed Article 5
Motion Passed Article 6
Motion Passed (no action taken) Article 7
Motion Passed

Article 8

Motion Passed Article 9
Motion Passed Article 10
Motion Passed Article 11
Motion Passed Article 12
Motion Passed Article 13
Motion Passed (no action taken) Article 14
Postponed Indefinitely Article 15
Postponed Indefinitely Article 16
Postponed Indefinitely Article 17
Motion Passed


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