Dover-Sherborn Schools Top Boston Magazine Best Schools List

Find out where in the top 100 Dover and Sherborn placed on Boston Magazine's list of best public schools in the Greater Boston area.

Boston Magazine recently ranked the school systems in the Greater Boston area, and learned something Dover-Sherborn parents may already know: the local schools are really good.

In fact, the best: Dover is ranked #1, Sherborn came in at #2. 

The magazine rated 147 school districts in the Greater Boston area in its annual “Best Schools” list published on Monday. The rankings were based off nearly two dozen factors, including enrollment, average class size, graduation rate and SAT scores.

Both school systems have a graduation rate of 97.5 percent, with 91.6 percent going on to college, according to Boston.com's statistics. The student-teacher ratio is 12.3:1 in Dover, 11.3:1 in Sherborn.

Here's a snapshot of some of the top schools in the Greater Boston area:

  1. Dover
  2. Sherborn
  3. Lexington
  4. Carlisle
  5. Boxboro
  6. Concord
  7. Lincoln
  8. Westford
  9. Wayland
  10. Wellesley

To see the complete list, visit the Boston Magazine website.


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