Local Girls Primp For Prom At Sherborn Day Spa

The girls were getting manicures, pedicures, getting makeup put on, and getting their hair done at the Sherborn Day Spa today.

The ladies at the Sherborn Day Spa were busily working this afternoon giving manicures and pedicures, putting on makeup, and doing hair, as the teens prepare for the magical night that is prom night.

The girls at the spa were gleaming with anticipation as their weeks of preparation were finally coming to fruition.

Kelly Plageman will be going to the Dover-Sherborn Junior/Senior Prom at Granite Links Country Club in Quincy.

“I'm very excited, because I get to see all my friends again. I go to boarding school in Rhode Island so I’ll get to see all my friends,” Plageman said.

Unlike many girls, she didn't have to try on endless amounts of dresses before she found the perfect one. It was hanging up in a friend's closet.

“It's black, white, and gray. It’s my friends actually I liked it a lot. I asked her if I could borrow it,” said Plageman.

Marian High School junior Courtney James from Medfield, will be attending the Marian's prom in Westborough.

“All my friends are going to be there and it’s fun to get dressed up," James said.

James will be wearing an orange creamsicle colored dress and is excited for, “Just lots of good memories with my friends.”

Junior Paige McKenna of Sherborn will be going to the D-S prom. She was getting makeup put on at the spa and will be wearing a dark purple colored dress.

It's her first prom and she said she tried on 10-15 dresses before she found the one she liked.

Paige's mother Carol McKenna was at the spa looking on as her daughter had makeup applied.

“We’ve supported her the whole way through all of this, from the prom date, to the limo, to the parties, and the money for the ticket,” Carol said. “It’s fun. It’s fun for us and fun for her.”

Carol said they picked out Paige's dress at a bridal shop.

“They have a section specifically for proms so that made shopping easier,” said Carol. “That was fun. It was a special time. Everything looked great on her so it was fun to have lots of choices to make in a great dress. She doesn’t have a challenging figure so luckily anything you put on her looked great on her.”

All of the girls said they were excited to have a good time and to hang out with all of their friends.

“No drama, just hang out with everyone. Have fun,” said Paige.


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