Montrose School Graduates 23 Students

The Montrose School's Class of 2012 took place on June 2 and included 23 students from around the region.

The following was taken from a press release provided from the Montrose School. 

Dressed in white and carrying red roses, the 23 members of the class of 2012 bid farewell to on June 2. 

According to Montrose tradition, Head of School Dr. Karen Bohlin spoke personally about each graduate before presenting her with her diploma.  Dr. Bohlin shared numerous anecdotes about the girls and spoke of their many and varied accomplishments in academics, athletics, the arts, and community service.   

Student speaker Valedictorian Olivia Ghiz of Medway recalled her study of the metaphysical concepts of potency and act during her junior year. 

“Potency refers to the capacity everything has to flourish and reach its end, or come into the fullness of its nature,” she said.  “To continue using our class as the focus, we might say that each of us has the potential to become college graduates having achieved the fullness of our intellectual and personal capacity.”

Co-Salutatorians Gabrielle Colvert of Sterling and Alexandra Marian of Framingham thanked their parents, teachers and classmates for their support. 

Colvert called her graduating class “a family who truly cares about one another and want what is best for the other.” 

Both Salutatorians recognized the role Montrose has played in preparing the graduates to face the future. 

Marian reminded her classmates that, “We might be afraid to go, but we shouldn’t be.  Maybe we don’t want to leave behind all our friends, but we mustn’t forget that out of all the places that lie ahead, there is always one place to which we can return and be united again. Montrose will always be our home.”

The members of the Class of 2012 (including their hometown and the college they will attend in the fall) include:

  • Sarah Barry (Medway): Belmont Abbey College
  • Molly Brennan (Franklin): University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Gabrielle Colvert (Sterling): University of Southern California
  • Abigail Coughlin (Medway): University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Shannon Cunnane (Medway): Saint Michael’s College
  • Melissa Davis (Natick): University of San Diego
  • Rachel Davis (Franklin): Stony Brook University
  • Kelsey Flynn (Sherborn): Sacred Heart University
  • Olivia Ghiz (Medway): College of Charleston
  • Anne Green (Westwood): Bay State College
  • Jaimie Hartwell (Ashland): Providence College
  • Erin Hepinstall (Upton): University of New Hampshire
  • Ghee Lee (Millis): Carnegie Mellon University
  • Sarah Lowney (Walpole): Catholic University
  • Alexandra Marian (Framingham): University of Richmond
  • Kathleen Miklus (Wellesley): Bowdoin College
  • Christine Naguib (Hopedale): Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Breanna Reardon (Medway): University of South Carolina
  • Meghan Reilly (Medway): Clark University
  • Elizabeth Sampson (Dedham): University of New Hampshire
  • Katherine Slayton (Millis): University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Bahkita Thordarson (Lexington): Columbia University
  • Olivia Walker (Wellesley): Babson College

About the School

The Montrose School is a private school located at 25 North Street in Medfield. The school offers programs for girls in grades 6 to 12 . The curriculum offers a strong liberal arts background and strives to help these young women develop a strong character with a focus on service, leadership and a balance between faith and reason. 


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