Events and Announcements: You're Better at Them

It's free—and easy—to get out the word out on Patch. Here's how.

If you're reading this, you've already recognized Dover-Sherborn Patch as a resource for community news, events and dialogue.

Quite possibly, you have at some point emailed us a press release, or asked us to post something on our events calendar.

Disclaimer: We love hearing from you. We are happy to help. But humbly, we think—actually, we know—that you can do a better and quicker job promoting your releases and events than we can.

Posting your events and announcements directly is the most effective and efficient way to get visibility on Dover-Sherborn Patch.

Whether it's a yard sale or a (I hope not) notice that your pet has gone missing, you can post it directly on the site.

To post events to the site for free: navigate to the Events page and click “Add an Event” on the right side of the page. Tell us all the details about your upcoming event, then click “post my event” at the bottom of the page.

That puts the event directly on our calendar. The end result is the same as if a Patch staffer had posted it for you. The only difference is, when you post it, it goes up right away. If you send it to us, you might have to wait until we're done reporting on the local government meeting, hanging out in a courtroom waiting for a disposition, meeting with community members, or something else that we Patchers are always doing.

To post announcements to the site for free: simply click the Announcement option under the news tab on the homepage. On the right side of the screen you’ll see the button “Add an Announcement.” This will you take you to Patch’s new announcement form. Once there, get your brag on and tell the community all about your child's sports league win or your civic club’s new members. When you’re ready, click “publish my announcement” and it will go live to the site immediately.

With just a few clicks, you can tell the town when you get married, have a baby, graduate or make the honor roll.

You can also write a public thank-you, provide details about your group's upcoming event, publish a political news release, or ask for volunteers. (We have a whole bunch of categories you can choose for your announcement; you'll see for yourself when you submit one.)

For extra visibility, add a photo. If you email us the link, we can help give you even more exposure.

Often, we feature announcements with photos on the homepage and in the Dover-Sherborn Patch daily newsletter. Additionally, we visit our events and announcements pages daily to help us plan news coverage for the week. We're much more likely to have your event or issue on our radar if it's already on our page.

Bookmark this page for future reference. If you have any questions, email us at dover@patch.com.


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